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Tina Anaya

Tina Anaya

Stratiq is a full-service meetings and events company that was created by Tina Anaya in Las Vegas, Nevada, from a dream to own, manage, and sculpt a business that would be challenging and fun.

Today, our team of seasoned professionals:

* Has more than 20 years of combined experience providing personalized hotel site selection and booking thousands of hotel room nights for groups each year. 
* Is a trusted specialist for our clients in the corporate,  association, non-profit, government, and social marketing industries.
* Offers everything you could possibly need to create any type of event, but is not limited to professional speakers, entertainment and project management.

What makes Stratiq unique?

What makes us unique is our willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure the success of your next meeting or event. And because of our extensive negotiation skills, our clients are awarded the best possible pricing. Our partnerships begin with understanding your goals and objectives, and end with a prosperous meeting or event that’s within your budget.

Constant commitments to excellence, relationships and service.

Finally, we believe that Stratiq’s commitment to excellence, our strong emphasis on relationships, and on providing five-star personalized customer service produce customers for life.

If you’d like to experience what Stratiq can do for you, please contact us today at 702-834-4823 or complete the Contact Us Form.

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