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Site Selection & Contract Negotiation


Our most popular service is Hotel Site Selection & Contract Negotiation. Why is it so popular?… because it’s free!
Okay, you’re right to be suspicious and asking questions like, “How can Stratiq give their services away for free?” The answer is that we get paid, but not from our clients. Let us explain…

We earn a commission or a booking fee from a hotel for every room they sell to members of a group we help to book. So, when your boss tells you to find a hotel for a quarterly sales meeting, you have two choices, you can start reading websites, making phone calls, taking notes, explaining the meeting over and over again to whomever you call… or you can just make one call to Stratiq, tell us what you need, and we will do it all for you.

Finding the perfect venue for your meeting or event is a critical first step. Stratiq will negotiate the best possible prices, terms, and conditions for hotel contracts on your behalf to maximize your meeting dollars. As a prior hotelier, we have an advantage and are able to leverage our experience, expertise, and buying power to negotiate the most favorable terms possible every time.

Stratiq offers the following services at NO COST TO YOU:

Hotel Site Selection

  • Identify your desired city and date
  • Create a Request for Proposal
  • Research likely venues based on budget, desired location, and dates
  • Send RFP to those identified as best fitting client needs
  • Handle queries from venues regarding RFP
  • Receive and review proposals and follow up on venues with questions/clarifications
  • Create a matrix outlining venue options and recommendations
  • Present options/recommendations to client 

Site Inspection Assistance

  • All details will be arranged
  • Coordinate transportation
  • Make site inspection appointments
  • Provide each hotel with an accurate and detailed outline of client program to ensure all concerns are addressed during the visit  

Contract Negotiation

  • Request contract
  • Identify key areas of concern – price, concessions, etc.
  • Negotiate final pricing, dates, space, concessions and contract stipulations
  • Review changes and provide final contract to client for review
  • Handle any additional negotiations

If you’d like to experience what Stratiq can do for you, please contact us today at 702-834-4823 or complete the Contact Us Form.

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