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“I was very impressed with Tina’s negotiation skills while representing our company.”

“Not long after our company went through a staff reduction, I was tasked with putting together a 30-city motorcycle demo tour to promote our product. The venues we needed had to meet a plethora of space and access requirements, as well as a location in a specific demographic that would be a convenient destination for our customers. And of course, we had budget guidelines and very limited time to secure these facilities.

“Tina did not flinch. Without a lot of experience in the motorcycle industry, she quickly learned our environment and immediately went to work finding viable options for our consideration. I was amazed as to the quality of her selections given the little time she had to learn our routine…even the hotel selections for our staffers were right in tune with their expectations.

“I was very impressed with Tina’s negotiation skills while representing our company. She is very good at keeping both parties’ interests at heart, which in turn develops positive long-term relationships. Communication and constant follow-up was essential given the short timeline for this project, and Tina was on top of it all 24/7.

“My experience with Tina’s goal to provide excellent customer service has been very positive and my comfort level with her honesty and ability to learn and understand her clients remains high. In addition to her superior organizational and communication skills, she is very pleasant to work with…even under pressure! “

Patrick Harris
Manager, Consumer Events
Kawasaki Motors Corp, USA

“Tina anticipates every aspect of our events from planning to completion.”

“We at NEWH Las Vegas, consider Tina Anaya 100% part of our fundraising team. Stratiq is not just an event planning company, they live and breathe our events, just as we do. They care. Tina’s ability to connect to our organization has been impressive.

“Due to her innate sense of who we are and what our organizational goals include, she anticipates every aspect of our events from planning to completion. We consult Stratiq for all options, before considering the right solution.

“Tina’s leadership ability and professionalism is beyond compare. To describe the level of excellence we receive: over-the-top organization, an amazing attention to detail, adeptness at solving complex issues before they occur, offering ideas and suggestions to make our event the best it can be… to ensure everything runs smoothly, and it does.

“Tina handles every situation with grace, compassion, and a can-do attitude. Tina’s connections, years in the industry, and negotiation skills have helped our events meet and exceed our goals. The fundraisers Stratiq has organized for NEWH Las Vegas have afforded us amazing success! They will do the same for anyone needing event coordination and planning.”

-Hope Quintanar-Case,
NEWH Las Vegas Chapter President 2013

 “Tina took our vision and made it happen. We went from previous events at 2 star hotels to a real event at a 4 Diamond Resort.”

“I met Tina at Crystal Impressions, a few years ago. She was purchasing some awards for an event. I recall questioning her about her project and the services she provided, thinking she might be a good fit for a project coming up. My initial impression was that of a knowledgeable professional woman that had her stuff together while maintaining the most pleasant attitude. I knew I wanted to work with her.

“Serving as a Board Member for the Las Vegas MINI Coopers, I insisted my colleagues meet her when our project began. Las Vegas MINI Coopers was embarking on their 10th Anniversary 5-day convention, A Mini Vacation in Vegas (AMVIV); we needed to top previous AMVIV’s by hosting at a nicer venue. As a group, we had never considered professional help to secure and plan our venue, until the day I met Tina. I knew immediately that we needed to enroll her to work with us. Working with Tina yielded us an event at a 4 Diamond Resort that closed down the pool for a private event that was absolutely beautiful! Working with MINI of Las Vegas, we secured areas around the pool for the placement of show cars and DJ Rob Alahn made sure to keep the party going.

“Seriously, Tina took our vision and made it happen. We went from previous events at 2 star hotels with small parties in closed off convention halls to a real event. I have been on the planning committee for the past four events and President Chris Tunison, the Board of Directors, and Tina had a fresh perspective and went big. It is always a challenge to find a car-friendly venue that will meet all of our standards and budgets.  With Tina’s help, we nailed it!

“After working with her I can report that Tina is a wizard with contract negotiation, from the request for proposal process to the set up, she was there. Having her protects you from making costly mistakes that could be liability issues. I truly appreciate everything she did for us. She was always available via phone, site visits and would often drop by our meetings. Planning an event can be extremely stressful, and every time we were concerned about anything, Tina was by our side to work through it (pleasantly). No matter how stressful, this woman has a unique talent of keeping her cool and finding the resolution. I remember getting a tap on the shoulder the night of the event, she graciously checked in and magically she was off to the next project.

“I have had the pleasure of having Tina as a client and being her client. If you are planning anything, I highly recommend you talk to her about your event. Your event will be spectacular and you’ll have Tina’s number in your cell phone! It’s a valuable number to have!”

–  Lisa Surber
Las Vegas MINI Coopers, LLC former Board of Directors / Officer Crystal Impressions, Sales

“I would highly recommend your services. YOU made my job much easier!”

– Kathi H.,
Marketing Manager

“Tina’s way of doing business is very professional yet very caring and friendly.

Tina saves me time. Tina is always available and prompt in getting back when she is not. I would recommend Tina to anyone I know who would need her services.”

 Nancy S.
Network Affiliates

“Thanks Tina – you were awesome. I will definitely keep in touch and I look forward to working together again.”

Lorraine G.,
Meeting Pla


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